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Hello! How are you?

Teaching objectives:

The children have been learning how to say Hello and Goodbye; to ask how someone feels and answer how they are feeling.

Bonjour! - Hello!
Salut! - Hi!
Au revoir -Goodbye!
Ça va? - How are things?
Ça va! - Fine!
Ça va bien! - Things are going well!
Ça va mal! - Things are bad!
Comme ci, comme ça - So-so 


Numbers 0 - 12

Comptez! - Count!
zéro - zero
un - one
deux - two
trois - three
quatre - four
cinq - five
six - six

sept - seven
huit - eight
neuf - nine
dix - ten
onze - eleven
douze - twelve
c'est le numéro sept - it's the number seven

What is your name?

Qui est-ce? - Who is it?
C'est Roller - It's Roller
C'est Florian - It's Florian
C'est Perrine - It's Perrine
Comment tu t'appelles? - What's your name?
Je m'appelle Violette - My name is Violette
Je m'appelle Dodu - My name is Dodu
et toi? - what's yours?

How old are you?

Quel âge as-tu? - How old are you?
J'ai un an - I am one year old
J'ai deux ans - I am two years old; three years old; etc.


Merci Mrs Day! smiley