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School Governors

“Governors are the strategic leaders of our schools and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education”

(The Governors Handbook)

The Role of the Governors

How do we carry out our role?

In addition to Full Governing Body meetings which are held 3 times per year, we also have 2 committees which meet throughout the year to look at specific aspects of the school – these committees have delegated powers.


Resources Committee – the functions of this committee include school finance, premises, staffing structures, staff pay and all things personnel related.


Standards and Curriculum Committee – the functions of this committee include curriculum provision, performance data and the quality of teaching.

It is important for governors to visit the school and members of staff regularly to gain a sound understanding of the key priorities/actions for the school and how these are being implemented. It is also important to consider what impact the actions are having on the school and the children.


As governors we monitor progress against the priorities which have been set out in the School Development Plan. In order to do this, we have governors linked to specific areas who make a number of visits throughout the year and provide feedback to the Full Governing Body meetings. 

  • Special Educational Needs
  • Maths
  • English
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Using school data
  • Curriculum provision
  • Finance – including spending of Pupil Premium and Sports grants
  • Safeguarding / E-Safety / Health and Safety
  • Early Years provision
  • Pupil Voice / School Council


Mrs D Liptrot (Chair)                     Term   28/09/2016      27/09/2020

Mrs P Taylor (Vice Chair)               Term   25/09/2016      24/09/2020

Mrs L Nagy (Staff)                        Term   11/06/201      10 /06/2022

Cllr N Charlton (LEA Governor)      Term   29/04/2016      28/04/2020

Mrs M Davies (Foundation)             Term   01/09/2015      31/ 08/2019

Mr P McAleny (Parent)                    Term   05/10/2015      04/10/2019

Mr P Green (Parent)                        Term   06/06/2017      05/06/2021                           


Literacy Governor:                 Mrs M Davies

Numeracy Governor:              Mrs P Taylor

SEN Governor:                      Mrs D Liptrot

Target Setting Governor:      Mrs M Davies

                                                 Mrs P Taylor

                                                 Cllr N Charlton 

Governor's Forum

Representative:                  Mrs P Taylor

Head Teacher's

Performance Management:  Mrs M Davies

                                            Mrs P Taylor

                                           Cllr N Charlton

RE Governor:                       Mrs D Liptrot

Equalities Governor:             Mr P Green

ICT Governor:                      Mr P McAleny

Link Governor:                      Mrs P Taylor

Child Protection Governor:  

Children in Public Care

& Child Protection:               Mrs P Taylor

Health and Wellbeing:          Mr P Green 

Sports Premium:                   Mrs P Taylor

Governor Development &

Training                                Mrs P Taylor



Governor Attendance 2018-2019

Governor Training
Calendar and Diary Dates